Training & Qualification

Training & Qualification

Nowadays, international experience is an important component for a successful career in training and professional development. International contacts and professional experience in other cultures broaden the horizon for the development of professional and personal skills and promote the successful shaping of one’s own career path. In cooperation with our partners abroad, we create offers for educational phases and professional activities in the international field.

School, Vocational Training, University Studies

  • Placement of students and trainees in internships with foreign organisations and companies.
  • International exchange programs between schools, vocational schools and other educational institutions.
  • Implementation of projects for international work within educational institutions.
  • Development and provision of new materials and methods for vocational training. This includes learning on the job and using open educational resources.
  • Summer camps for foreign students and trainees.

Further vocational training & qualification

  • Advising companies on the qualification of employees.
  • Exchange of experts with international companies and organisations.
  • Educational trips for German teachers abroad and for foreign specialists in Germany.
  • Qualification & competence development:
    • Employment-oriented training
    • Qualification for economic action in the company
    • Training to promote management and leadership skills
    • Course program to promote entrepreneurship skills
  • Organisation of professional events.