In the European integration process, the relevance of educational and scientific cooperation between the EU member states is steadily increasing. Innovative ability and sustainable economic strength are based on the exchange of best practices, the joint gathering of specialist knowledge, the transfer of experience and mobility in training.

Against this background, Thomasius-Stiftung promotes efforts to achieve a (common approach) close connection between stakeholders from several EU states as well as between the EU and its neighbouring states through cooperation in the field of education.

The focus is on projects to promote innovation and creativity, including entrepreneurship, as well as quality and efficiency at all levels of education and training, scientific cooperation, and the implementation of lifelong learning and mobility.

The development of a common European educational area also requires the foundation of common values and a European identity to be trained.

The aim is to work across borders and to develop a European awareness beyond formal institutions. We promote exchange between people in Europe in order to break down prejudices and negotiate common European values together.

Our projects in the field of Europe